Community Safety Accreditation Scheme


With the Police no longer providing road closure traffic management support for events. The emphasis has fallen upon event organisers to provide their own traffic marshals and to implement legal event road closures and direction of live traffic. To fulfil this role Discreet Security Ltd has invested in becoming a CSAS accredited company under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme. As part of the scheme, we have available a team of traffic marshals licensed by Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire Constabularies to close and manage legal road closures, actively direct and restrict traffic movements on

the public highway.

The traffic team improves an event experience by:

  1. Helping to limit traffic congestion surrounding an event to the benefit of the attendees and the local community.
  2. Management of highway traffic, helping to reduce delays into and out of the event.
  3. Helping to minimise traffic issues which affects the event and local community by using pro-active rapidly deployed solutions.
  4. Providing hands on management of event traffic to ensure vital ‘blue light’ services can be deployed if ever called upon.

The Discreet Security traffic team is an affordable, responsive, flexible solution for the smooth running of an organiser’s event traffic management plans.