Traffic management planning

Event Traffic/Pedestrian Management

One of the most important aspects of an event is the ease with which customers are able to arrive, move around in and depart the venue. When not handled correctly, it can ruin the experience for some and make it less likely they will come again. When done well, it is seamless and invisible and contributes to the overall positive impression of the experience.

Whether you need extensive traffic management systems on the surrounding road network for major events, localised signage for community events or certified marshalling for safe access/egress to and from the highway, the events team at DEMP can offer services to design a Traffic Management Plan suitable to meet your needs.

We assure thorough analysis of the site and surrounding highway network, together with a comprehensive assessment of the event requirements, offering guidance to appropriate levels of communication with everyone affected by the event, as well as required notifications and permissions to relevant authorities.

We will act on your behalf to engage with Traffic Management companies to ensure the correct service is provided at the most competitive rates and compliant to the Traffic Management Plan.